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by Glynne MacLean

Joshua Carter Career Path


Galactic Standard YEAR

Joshua Carter Career Path


Born M3, D14 Wellington, the Northern City of New Zealand, planet Earth, (known as Terra in the inter planetary community). March 15 local planetary calendar.


Sent to live with grandfather on the South Wairarapa Coast of the North Island of New Zealand, Terra.


Sent to space school shipboard on various ships with parents.


End of school. Aged 18 left parent's to attend Interstellar Co-op Defence Fleet. Initial year training at Equatorial Unit on Terra, fifteen months at Fleet Headquarters, Central, final five months advanced pilot training on Delfar 9.


Graduated at age 21 with the rank of Junior Leader. Posted to Central as interstellar Shaval Zipper pilot.


Aged 22 promoted to Minor Leader and posted to Co-op Defence Fleet frigate Valach as junior pilot, 10 month posting.


Attained rank of Leader 23 - 25, 2 year posting to Koolak star cruiser Tak as pilot second.


Aged 26 years posted to the frigate Doria, first as Star Senior Leader, then Star Second frigate Doria.
Alliance Bloc formed


28 Star Prime Bloc Science vessel Balliage. First full command. 2 years


30 Star Prime of Bloc Prototype science flagship the Clearsight.


36 Promoted to rank of Constellation. Seconded for a year back to the Balliage Constellation Star Prime.
Jeng graduated to full Bloc membership.
Stowaway Roivan found.


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